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We’ve Moved!

It’s been a busy month over here at AnaWerks Studios. I’m super excited about getting my new work ready for the summer craft season, and for a few new surprises for fall conventions.

And in the middle of everything – I’ve moved my portfolio and blog over to my own site. Check it out:, it’d be great to see you there.


Inspiration Friday: Crazy Quilts

Antique floral CQ-lrg

Have you seen a crazy quilt before? This classic American art form blends embroidery and quilting with traditional frugal values.  Quilters take out their scrap bag, and piece the materials together into a haphazard design.  No square corners here – it’s all crooked squares and triangles and odd shapes, like fitting a puzzle together when you don’t know what the final picture should be.  These works are a perfect place for those tiny scraps of fancy velvets and satins that would look out of place anywhere else.  Different styles of embroidery tie the whole work together, creating beauty out of the bottom of the scrap bin.

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