Inspiration Friday: Crowdsourced Creativity


There’s something to be said for art emerging from the masses, from a group of people making something beautiful together. So sayeth the solo artist, anyhow. I’ve been intrigued by this for a while, and wanted to share a few big projects that came off really well.

Virtual Choir – Most people like to sing, even if it’s in the shower. but most of us don’t have a chance to sing in public – we don’t have time to join a choir, or we’re embarrassed that we can’t stay in tune. Virtual Choir brings together individual people to sing, by patching together clips of hundreds of people singing into their webcam.

Birdsong remix – The other option is to release the same source material to a big group of artists and see what grows out of it. Studio 360  had a show introducing a database of bird songs collected and archived by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology  and released to the public. Everyone was invited to download the clips and remix them to create new music. Check them out – and maybe you can make your own remix.

Book by tattoo – On the other end of the spectrum, there is the idea of including lots of people into a project who won’t ever see the finished product. Author Shelley Jackson wrote a book, “Ineradicable Stain,” and published it by tattoo.  People signed up for the project, and were given one word of the book to be tattooed onto their skin. Members of the project never saw the final book, unless they could find each other and assemble them in the right order.

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