Inspiration Friday: Strawberry Season


At the market this week, I was sitting next to the berry farmer’s booth. I ended up buying a box of their local, organic strawberries and eating them for the better part of the morning. The berries were small, deep red, almost purple. Most had deep folds and puckers, definitely more homely looking than the bigger California berries at the grocery store.

As it turned out, this was the last week of strawberries – blueberries and blackberries were just getting started, but the strawberries were almost done in the fields. The strawberries are at their best, right now, and would never be as good until next summer. You could eat them today, and feel the red juice drip all over your fingers, and not taste another that is as delicious for months and months.

I think this is my lesson for this week. I’m learning how to follow the rhythms of what is most present, right now, and to enjoy it deeply, instead of pushing for what I’d planned. To pause. To enjoy what I am doing, right now. To taste the sweetness of this bite, this moment, and love it for what it is, not for what I wanted it to be.

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