On learning to love what you do

These days, it seems like there is a whirlwind of things I should be doing to live a simpler life. Things that will save me money, save the planet, get me moving, and slow life down. Every new thing seems just as important as the last thing, and I get stuck trying to figure out what I should really focus on, and end up not doing anything.

Perhaps what would be better for me is to choose the option that I love. Do the things that bring me joy, just on their own merit, and see what happens. In the end, maybe it’s better for me to make my own bread because I love cooking, not because I want to save money. Better to carpool when I can because I love the conversations with my husband, instead of just because it’ll help my carbon footprint. Even the small things make a difference over time. I’ve been so busy convincing myself to do things because they’re good for me that I’d forgotten that learning to love them for what they are would work better in the long run.

Today, when I’m cooking dinner at home, and packing the leftovers into the freezer for lunches, I’ll be saving money. But really, I’ll be doing something I love because I love it.

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