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Over the past few years, my church started a new experiment – to choose one topic per month for the church, its youth and adult groups, and its ministers to focus on. It’s been a grand success, and one I recommend for any team, family, or group of friends.

covenant: n. An agreement.

Summer is just getting started out here in the Northwest. Which means that it’s still gray and cloudy most of the time, but we’re getting enough dry sunny days to put away some of the polarfleece and go out into the world. Everything is waking up, sprouting parties and meetings and productions like crocuses.

And as everything gets more busy, it’s easy to forget what we have promised – those offhand comments that we’d help with that project, or do the publicity for another, or help run that meeting on Tuesday. Everything else always seems more important – something about how the newness of what’s popped in front of us is always more interesting than what we promised to do yesterday.

This is the hard work of keeping agreements, to notice the pull of something shiny (but out of scope), and to step towards what we’ve promised. To try and stay conscious enough to notice when things have gone astray, to choose to take stock of the situation, and then to choose to take a new action that might be less comfortable than what we were doing.

Today, I’m clearing house on promises over here. I’m going through it all, remembering what’s actually on my plate, what I want to add, and what I want to release to be dealt with another day. So far, it feels good, lighter. Just in time for summer.

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