And then, everything ground to a halt.

What with a work trip over the weekend, and being sick like a dog over same weekend, everything that was planned for when I got back flew out the window. The studio still looks like a booth blew up inside, I’ve still got about four half done projects sitting to the left, and a longer and longer list of projects to start on the list hanging on the wall.

Not exactly what I had planned, truth be told.

Time to start over, try again, dust everything off and see if we can still make something out of it. Time to let go of what should have happened, and pull forward into where I actually am. Today, that means returning the library books, putting away the stack of booth boxes, and knuckling down to finish the first project that’s due this week. Today, that means reassessing the timelines I’ve put together, see what will still work, what won’t, and moving on. Today, that means getting ahead on a few other projects so I’m not quite as far behind when I hit the next pothole down the road.

Having a plan for sick days/delays in delivery/whatever is an important part of any business, but I’d sort of forgotten that. You get to the point where you think that because you’ve kept up this pace for a while, you can definitely maintain this pace forever. Hah! So yes, this week is also about making contingency plans for the inevitable, and trying to remember that I shouldn’t feel so smug the next time I’m a little bit ahead. Humility is apparently what’s called for here. Who knew?

So what about you? What’s your plan for keeping your projects moving forward?

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