You and Your Format

HOPE Detail 2ed

Sometimes, it’s the scale that’s all wrong. I make a sketch of what I think will fit into a 4 x6 inch size, or 5 x7, I ink it in, and then the problems start. Everything is too crowded, it looks too fussy, and the logistics of getting the exacto blade into those curves just won’t work. Argh. So I start scaling it up – something that looks too baroque at 4 x6 looks positively spartan at 8 x 10.

I’m learning to play to the strengths of each size, I think. The smallest pieces, the cards and tags, call for my simplest work. I’m learning to save some projects for the small scale – the cleanest designs, the fewest twirls, the least literal.

I haven’t figured out what the larger work can be, yet. Part of me wants to cram as much activity into every square inch of the page, but I can see what’s coming. Start with an 8 x 10, realize it’s way too much for its own size, and then – scale it up. Who knows where this will end? At this rate, I’ll be churning out six foot panels in no time.

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