gallery-Crowd1 mead fest

This weekend, I’ve spent some time in the company of artisan mead and cider makers. In a tent in the middle of the farmer’s market, you can buy $20 worth of tickets that you trade for mouthfuls of delicious hard cider, mead, and fruit wines. It is extremely delicious.

There is something powerful about talking with an artisan maker. These are the people who care deeply about the details that the consumer never sees, the ones who stay up nights dreaming about the perfect way to make their product. These are the people that travel around the world to learn from the masters, and then come home to sink all their money into making art through doing.

In the middle of all the messages about making the things that the people want to hear/see/use, and in the middle of all the noise about marketing/market share, it is so good to sit in the quiet of making one thing really, really well. I visit their island, and I am refreshed, ready to return to the hard work of making better things than yesterday.

What refreshes you this week? What gives you the motivation to keep going in your own creative work?

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