Wednesday Project Update

Love grows progress ed

Now that I’ve got my basic product line put together for the summer (check it out at, I’m starting to think about a wedding line. Yes, some of this is self – serving, and yes, I do have seven weddings to send presents to. Hopefully I can make this a win – win.

I don’t really want to get sucked into the land of making thousands of hand cut invitations, so I’m trying to come up with a set of good wedding gifts, some wedding cards, and maybe a few items for the day itself. It’s sort of odd to be plunged back into the land of wedding prep after your own wedding is done, I have to say.

Wedding cards come first (I have seven to give out this summer, after all). I was working on these designs surrounding words of love, but two drafts later, I finally got that there was way too much detail for something so small. And the doodle I did in between drafts turned out better than anything else from the day.

Wedding gifts are next on the list (see above, re: seven weddings). I made my own sign (that never ended up being used) with our names and the date, which turned out quite well. I’m thinking of re – working that so that it could stand alone as a framed piece, maybe adding some border work or something.

So, folks – what are you working on today?

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One thought on “Wednesday Project Update

  1. Judith says:

    Moving into my creative space, of course after work. Right now its coffee and FB lol but I think I have been sleeping on set up ideas for the Sewing Studio. I may play with a rough draft of ideas and then head down after work and see how they look. My budget is on hold so at this point it will be, Sorting, and setting up machines. Sorting fabric into some of the bins I emptied from the move and color coding them (lol ocd is I) I am still bouncing over how much space I will have. I am not even really moved in yet and I want to sew Now. Since we talked at the wedding I have also had quilt ideas flashing through my head…. this project excites me too.
    have a wonderful day…. thank you for bringing me into your process, I am really hoping that I can sort this out and get one going myself

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